Ever since I was a little boy, I would dream of days when cars would fly. I had a G.I. Joe Jeep that the wheels broke off, so I used to play like it was a flying Jeep. We also can't forget about the flying DeLorean from Back to the Future 2.

Well, the Cubs have won the World Series finally, but we still don't have flying cars... Or do we?

According to Vice.com, there is a company that says you'll be able to buy a flying car by the end of 2017! It's called the Kitty Hawk Flyer. Anyone can learn to fly it safely in minutes and there's no need for a pilot's license.

Seems like the days of the Jetsons will be here before we know it. Get the full story and more details here.

Maybe Doc Brown was on to something when he said "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need any roads!"

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