What are the scariest favorite movies of Iowa and Illinois?

There's nothing like getting out of the shower and seeing 'I know what you did last summer...' showing up on the mirror. I might be concerned had I not recognized the handwriting of my child, who is too perfectionist in her writing style, to accurately disguise her penmenship, even in a foggy mirror.

It's that time of year for most of us. We pick our favorite, scary movies and have to watch them at least once before or on Halloween. For others, that time is year-round and well, we all know someone like that.

Which movies are your favorite when you want to not sleep well at night? sure did their homework and figured out which movies were each state's favorite.

In Iowa, I thought for sure since we are surrounded by corn fields, it would be Children of the Corn. Nope. In fact, Iowa's favorite movie title mentions another state altogether.

Iowa chose The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


I'm from Illinois and hands down (or over my eyes), I agree whole-heartedly. This movie scarred and scared me for life. I still get the goosebumps when I think of it and won't watch it.

Illinois chose Poltergeist.


What scary movie is your must watch of the season?