"The Pentagon Released 3 UFO Videos" that head line is all over Twitter today as people question why these videos were declassified. 2020 sure is a weird year. And now more people are believing in aliens.

It should be noted  the acronym UFO was created in the 1950s and stands for

unidentified flying object. 

Why should that be noted? Well just because something is a UFO doesn't mean it's unworldly, it could very well just be a man made object from a different country that we didn't understand at the time. That being said lets see these videos.

This first tweet comes from ABC news.

This is causing a lot of discussion on twitter, mostly people calling each other idiots or other mean things for either not believing in aliens, or believing to much in them. Others are taking to twitter to make jokes.

Leave it to Twitter to make memes out of crazy things like this. In the end there will never be proof of what this really is, but it's spooky enough to make us think and take our mind off the pandemic. What do you think it is?

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