You'll be just as shocked as this mom was after seeing what this does.

In the viral world of 'Facebook land,' I come across a lot of articles and safety warnings. None have made me think more than this one. Maybe it's the image I can't get out of my head and maybe it's because it was something I have already been wondering about it.

With my 'crunchy mama' lifestyle, I gravitate towards things that aren't polluting (of the environment or our bodies), that don't have a ton of chemicals and that generally keep the environment we can control (home) safer and as non-toxic as possible.

Burning candles in your home can be worse for your baby's health (and yours) more than you realize.

The solution is to get clean burning candles made from plant-materials, like soy, beeswax and natural scents from essential oils (which also have aromatherapy benefits). The more you know, the more you can help your child have the best chances with their  health.

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