The drive over I-74 bridge at the Kimberly Road exit will never be the same.The Lodge. It's a landmark. I remember it being there my entire life. As a kid, to me, it was a castle. I'd imagine all kinds of richly people living there. I'd think about it in the 'olden days' and imagine knights and princesses, kings and queens and wonder if there was a drawbridge. I distinctly remember my vivid imagination as kid when it came to, what I knew back then as, Jumers Castle Lodge.

It's been The Lodge for awhile now in the Quad Cities. It's also been empty and is becoming a 'nuisance,' according to Bettendorf Aldermen Scott Naumann on

Russell Construction took over the property late last year and due to the deterioration, it needs to come down. Demolition is set to begin September 19th. Russell plans to redevelop the site.