Home ownership is a dream to many and your dream could come with an extra $10k.

Home has been the center of many conversations for me lately. It seems to keep coming up for some reason. Home. Is it really where the heart is? Does it matter whether your rent or buy? Some of my friends own homes and others are considering building their first one.

I have never heard of this incentive to build before.

The City of Silvis is offering to pay you $10,000 to build there. As soon as you move in, the money is yours, with 'no strings attached' says Silvis City Administrator Jim Grafton at KWQC.com.

The City has offered this program before and wanted to bring it back again this year. They hope to be able to expand this offer to other areas around Silvis in the future, but for now, it's being offered in the Deer Meadows subdivision.

With this incentive, would you consider building in Silvis?