With so much negativity floating around, it's always great to see beautiful stories like this. Worries about coral and humans negative affects on it have been around for years, but now during quarantine people are hoping to help reverse those affects. Passions of Paradise is leading that charge.

According to bright vibes Tour operators in Australia are truly giving back to the Great Barrier Reef by repurposing their vessels and staff for multiple coral restoration missions.

Since everywhere is closed, snorkeling and scuba-diving tours are postponed. Staff is  restoring Coral and giving back to the reef in hopes of helping it become healthy again, since there is currently no human interaction with it.

Chief Executive Officer Scott Garden said the family-owned company had donated the state-of-the-art catamaran Passions III and fuel to take four enthusiastic crew and a scientist to Hastings Reef for the Coral Nurture Program.

“We have been assisting Dr. David Suggett’s team from the University of Technology Sydney who is conducting reef resilience research at one of our 26 reef sites,”

It's a long process that is very interesting to lean about when asked by Karryon about the process the program stated.

“We can only use fragments of opportunity found at the site, so Passions of Paradise has installed six frames at the site which can be used as a nursery to grow more corals.” Once they find a coral fragment they attach it to the nursery to grow and as it grows they can take fragments from it to attach to the reef giving them a continual source of new corals.”

As of now Mr. Garden said an estimated 1000 pieces of coral had been planted on Hastings Reef. This is wonderful to see and learn about. People truly are helping in any way they can. You can read more about this here. 

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