Have you ever felt that you had no way to make your voice heard to your Congressperson or Senator? If you cannot make it to a town hall meeting or if there isn't a town hall meeting you can often wonder if there is any way to get a hold of them.

Well I have recently discovered the answer to this dilemma. Faxzero.com is a web site that will send a fax for free anywhere. They have an full listing for most United States Senators and members of the House of Representatives. Nothing to sign up for, just click on your representative, fill out the fax cover page. Type or attach your message and it's on the way. Then you get an email telling you that the fax was received.

Now you can easily make your feelings known to Washington. Just remember to be respectful and polite, especially if you are disagreeing on a particular stand that they are advocating.

Remember democracy is not a spectator sport.


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