Tidy-whities, granny panties, briefs, bikinis and boxers all needed in the Quad Cities.

Whatever you call 'em, the hard core truth is, we all need 'em.

What we have to think about is not everybody has them when they need them.

Underwear Because We Care, a group here in the Quad Cities, has done exactly that. They help low-income people and homeless families by collecting new underwear. As strange as it might sound, they helped more than 2,900 people just last year alone.

According to QCOnline.com, 29 other organizations helped present these struggling families with clean under garments and are hoping the number with increase with the generous donations of more people in the Quad Cities.

You can donate by going to their GoFundMe campaign, 

or by donating via mail or going to area businesses or churches, listed HERE.