While I've been away, I have tried to debunk myths. Ok, so I was bored on a Sunday afternoon when there wasn't any football on TV and laundry was done.

One myth I've tried to shoot down the myth that your cheese slices in your fridge isn't really cheese...but it tastes oh so delish. I LOVE cheese. Sometimes at night when the munchies kick in, I eat the occasional piece of whatever cheese I have available in my fridge. Sometimes it's a slice of mozzarella, a slice of swiss, colby jack or even provolone. I wouldn't turn my nose up to a slice of basic, everyday, run of the mill Kraft sliced American cheese.

I had seen a video of another guy trying this and thought to myself 'self' ('cause that's what I call myself), I wonder what's in my cheese? Because whatever it is its pry not good for me, but it tastes pretty good." So I dug out a slice of Kraft American and a slice of Kraft American made with 2% milk. Check out my results here. I also don't recommend lighting things on fire to see what they are made of so kids, don't try this at home.

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