Something that was brought to my attention yesterday by my ticked off Canadian co-worker is how I rant from time to time and I should share my rants with you...the loyal B100 listener (or reader in this case).

Well, one of the things I enjoy during the spring and summer is going on walks along the river. I like to get out and get some sun in my diet and go from the marina at Lindsay Park in the Village of East Davenport by the Channel Cat dock to the Isle of Capri and back. It's about 4 miles and I try to do it every other day. I'm pretty successful in getting out to do my walk.

Lately, it seems a certain animal likes the view of the riverfront so much, the poop everywhere making it very hard to avoid stepping in it. The Canadian geese are everywhere...along with their poop. I don't know if the City of Bettendorf or Davenport just cant keep up with all the goose poop or if they just don't want to deal with it. It's gross. Oh, and the geese are not cute and cuddly. They have hissed at me on more than one occasion. I sometimes carry a can of mace with me incase I get chased by one, and it has happened.


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