Smells are a part of our childhood memories. No doubt, like music, a smell can take us back to any memory that is associated it. For me, I remember my Grandma's perfume, Aqua Net hairspray (from all that 80s and 90s hair) and my Grandfather's cologne.

What does Iowa smell like to you?

A candle company called 'Homesick Candles" may have you thinking it's 'nostalgia in a jar', with Florida smelling like oranges and sea salt. Or Georgia, known for sweet tea and peaches. But not all states have those kinds of smells.

In the Quad Cities, depending on where you live, it could be Purina puppy chow from the Purina plant. In Cedar Rapids on the right day, the smell would be crunch berries from the cereal plant.

According to

"Iowa supposedly smells like the Iowa State Fair, though, so we’re not sure if it’ll smell like corn dogs or the corn sweats."

Online trolls are having their say about these candles too, make comments about the not-so great things in certain states.

The candles sell for about $30 retail.