Fellas, this is the day we've been preparing for since last year. It's Christmas part 2 for the ladies. I'm talking about Valentine's Day.

What ever you do guys, you can't forget the candy. She may SAY she doesn't want candy, but really in the back of her head she knows her way around a Russell Stover box.

The website CandyStore.com just analyzed their last 10 years of sales between January 1st and February 14th to figure out the most popular candies for Valentine's Day.  And here's what they found . . .

1.  Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates seemed to have a lock on the top spot as the most popular candy . . . but just last year, conversation hearts finally took over as number one.

2.  Conversation hearts are the best seller in 19 states and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are the best seller in 13 states.

3.  Chocolate roses are the third-most popular . . . they're number one in five states.

4.  And Alabama is the only state where candy necklaces are the most popular Valentine's Day candy.

Here is a map so you can see what the most popular candy is by state.

Here is a video Joni and I did last year when we went to Lagomarcinos.

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