Nothing going on this weekend? How about a scary movie?

According to Forbes, there are 10 horror movies that are so scary, you can't finish them.

For me, it's any horror movie. I'm not a fan of being scared. "The Exorcist" did it for me when I was like 10.

1.  "Cabin Fever", 2016

2.  "Carnage Park", 2016

3.  "Mexico Barbaro", 2014

4.  "Piranha", 2010

5.  "Raw", 2016

6.  "Teeth", 2007

7.  "The Conjuring", 2013

8.  "The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence", 2011

9.  "The Void", 2016

10.  "Jeruzalem", 2015

Notice most of these movies came out in like the last 10 years. Has Hollywood gotten more warped with age? Also, no Freddy, Jason, or Leather-Face.

Don't watch these movies in the dark.

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