Don't cheat on your girl, because she will find out.

A woman name Danielle Brown posted a TikTok last week showing how she caught her boyfriend cheating, by the name on his Starbucks cup.

She says he came home with a Starbucks cup, and when he put it down, she immediately saw the name on the cup was ""Britney", the name of his ex.

Obviously, it's clear he went and got Starbucks with his ex, and she paid (or at least ordered.) When she confronted him about it, his defense was "That's not even how you spell her name."

Starbucks barista name spelling isn't going to hold up in court, because Starbucks baristas have a track record of notoriously spelling names the wrongest way possible.

His next defense was "The barista must've written her own name on the cup."

Danielle said she didn't buy it, so she threw his drink at him and left. She explains she went back to him a week later, but eventually dumped him for good.

Read more at Fox News

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