Who knew living in the midwest could prolong your age? These records tell us.

I never really thought about getting old, or older, much. I am young at heart and according to how hard I play sometimes (dancing, singing, thinking I'm a ninja at Insane Inflatables) it rarely dawns on me that I am not 17 years old still.  I mean, the three kids who follow me around and call me 'Mom' kind of reminds me. Oh, and so do the picks where I don't look like 17, at ALL, but other than that, in my heart, I still possess a bit of that child-like wonder and hope I never lose it.

According to WQAD.com, there is good news about living longer and living in the Midwest. Especially, in certain Iowa and Illinois counties.

'Using data from U.S. death records from 1897-2014 (mainly from the Social Security Death Index (SSDI)), MooseRoots found the top counties in the country with the highest average age of death.'

If you look and see, you'll find that the county in Iowa and the county in Illinois, isn't too far from the good ol' Quad Cities. Click HERE to see which counties they are.

And you know that means?

We are freakin' rockin' it here when it comes to old age.