My buddy Wyatt from the band Dirt Road Rockers is a pretty cool guy. He's also a Officer of the law. Every time we're together it's a chuckle fest. Wyatt has also branched out into being a extra on NBC's Chicago Fire and I've seen the episode he was in. I was like "that's my buddy!"

I was searching through Facebook today looking for something to write about today that wasn't political. I came across Wyatt's post and I immediately sprung into action. He has put out a call for any law enforcement persons to be extras on Chicago Fire. If you know a person in law enforcement who would think this is pretty cool, pass it along. Thank you to all our local Police, Fire, and Emergency EMT men and women. Here's his post:

CASTING ALERT! CHICAGO FIRE is looking for REAL police officers who can work a 3-day commitment. Wednesday January 18th-Friday January 20th. The rate of pay is $180/8 hours and time and a half after 8 hours. There is also a $25 special ability bump. A fabulous catered meal is served halfway through the day. If you are available and interested, call Kristin at 773-542-2048!

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