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‘Man Flu’ Might Be A Real Thing
There certainly is a cold going around. If the guy in your life has been sick, you've probably teased him about having "the man flu." Don't laugh about it though ... it just might be true.
QC Night To Shine Prom Is A Pretty Special Event
The Quad Cities second annual Night to Shine prom for people with special needs is planned for Feb. 9 at two different locations. The events are for those with special needs 14 and over.
Risen Christ Lutheran Church in Davenport and Our Lady of the River Catholic Church in LeClaire are host…
What Is The Quad Cities Favorite Christmas Movie?
So I did a un-scientific survey on my Facebook page and asked "what is your favorite Christmas movie?" Sometimes I shouldn't ask these kind of questions. Home Alone and Die Hard both made the list but didn't make the top.
The top 3 were:
Iowa Quad Cities Prepare For NYE Fireworks
Did you know its cool to set off fireworks on New Years Eve?

According to WQAD, fireworks are allowed to be sold by retailers December 10th to January 3rd. In Scott County, they can only be set off from 10pm on the 31st until 12:30am on New Years Day. Anyone caught shooting fireworks outside of the…
Illinois Eatery Has The Heavyweight Of Tenderloins
Ya know what I love more than a good beer...a good tenderloin. I'm also a fan of small town dive bars. I read a story this morning that made my mouth water.
According to WQAD, there's a joint in London Mills, IL that I need to check out called Spoonies...

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