I am 100% anti-Valentine's Day. Ever since I was a kid I have not been a fan of the day. Lets be honest fellas, it's a day all about the lady in our life. All the flowers, heart-shaped candy, and the lovie-dovie stuff...OVER IT! Ladies, have you gotten your guy a gift? Us guys stress about what to get the ladies from the dinner, the card, to a gift, but do ladies ever stress about what the guys want? I'm standing up to say we men need to feel the love too. Ladies, lemme help you with what your guy wants for Valentine's Day. I know it's last minute, but that's how we do things.

1. Liqueur tasting shot glasses. $20-$25

2. Generation Kill DVD or Blu-Ray $40-$55

3. Flame Set - $210

4. MVMT Watch - $95

5. Hot Dog Maker - $40

6. Poker Set - $65

7. Travel Charger - $45

8. "Whisky: The Manual" - $20

9. Golf Ball Personalizer - $22

10. Wood Hammer Multi-Tool - $20

Honorable mention to a mix & match 6 pack of craft beer. I'll wait for mine to show up! STILL WAITING...!


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