If you live in parts of western Illinois, you may have felt some rumbles this morning as a confirmed earthquake took place. This isn't totally unusual in Illinois but it's definitely a little terrifying when it happens.

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Residents in the eastern part of the Quad Cities surrounding area on the Illinois side definitely have something to talk about today. At this time, we now understand that no one is hurt and no severe damage has been caused.

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Earthquake Shakes Illinois Residents Early Wednesday Morning

First reported from our news partner KWQC this morning, an earthquake was confirmed to have taken place in parts of Bureau, LaSalle, and Putnam Counties in Illinois early Wednesday.

At around 4:41 a.m. Wednesday morning, the USGS says that the 3.6 magnitude earthquake hit one kilometer SSE of Standard, Illinois. On average, Illinois experiences at least 1 earthquake every year, according to the Illinois State Geological Survey.

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The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department put a post on social media this morning letting residents know that there was in fact an earthquake.

A Putnam County Sheriff's official told KWQC that they felt the earthquake, had several calls regarding it, and that no one has reported any damage or injuries.

To put a 3.6 magnitude earthquake into perspective, Michigan Tech says that there are around 500,000 earthquakes that register between 2.5 to 5.4 on the Richter scale. When those size earthquakes hit, they are often felt but only cause minor damage.

We're glad that everyone impacted by the earthquake this morning is safe and no severe damage has been reported.

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