Well, can we consider this weekend our first real snow of the season? It didn't totally cover the grass, but it definitely set the mood for anyone putting up their trees and decorations. And it was definitely the kind of weather where doubling up on socks wasn't a bad idea.

But you can use your socks for more than just keeping your feet warm. Some functions are practical, some are just silly favorites of mine. Here are five of the best:


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    Windshield Wiper Protection

    This doesn't seem like it should work, but it's actually a suggestion from Allstate Insurance! If a snowstorm is set to hit during the overnight hours, you can pop up your car's wipers and slide socks over them for protection. It's easy and super inexpensive.

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    It can get pretty cold in the midwest. Some days, the idea of going outside with the kids to play in the snow is not appealing. So why not have a snowball fight inside?

    Use white socks, ball them up, and you've got makeshift snowballs. You get all the fun of being outside and burning some of the kids' energy, without the runny noses and frozen toeses.

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    Advent Calendars

    For kids, receiving socks as a gift on Christmas morning can be kind of a bust. (As an adult, it's way better). But they can be a pretty useful hype tool leading up to Christmas.

    This year, Target has a gigantic collection of sock advent calendars. There's sets for Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars and more. Plus they're only $15.

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    Tree Topper

    Personally, I've never put a star or an angel on top of my tree. I'm short, it's hard. But I've always felt like the top of the tree needed something. A sock is easy, and can be changed on any given day. With this tree topper, kids will feel like they've given an extra special aspect of the tree.

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    You could always go old school for Christmas, and actually use socks as stockings. You might want to get some that are a bit bigger though; an actual sock would only hold a few candy canes. But those slipper/boot/sock things? Golden.

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