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Whether you're a native or transplant, if you've lived in the QC for any considerable amount of time you've probably tried these foods.

#1: Boetje's Mustard

Eat your sandwiches like a real Quad Citizen and slather on some of this delicious spicy mustard from Rock Island, Illinois.

Boetje via Amazon

#2: Sauerkraut 

Maybe this has to do with the QC's German roots, but sauerkraut is featured in many beloved Quad Cities recipes. Belgian Village's famous reuben and Happy Joe's Special pizza both use sauerkraut as a main ingredient.

#3: Happy Joe's Taco Sauce 

Speaking of Happy Joe' can't miss out on the original taco pizza and Spicey Joe's taco sauce!

Happy Joe's via Amazon

#4: Craft Beer

Not all beer is created equal (but most of it is good). The QC is home to several popular craft breweries. Get yourself a growler and try them all!

Bottle Bud via Amazon

#5: Sterzing's Potato Chips

Made in Burlington, Iowa these chips are a QC fav.

Sterzing's Potato Chips via Amazon