61 Drive In Theatre is opening up this weekend and celebrating their 71st season on Friday, May 7th. They announced Thursday they will be open on Fridays and Saturdays. There opening movies will be Tom & Jerry along with Godzilla.


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Posted by 61 DRIVE IN THEATRE on Thursday, April 29, 2021

Many are excited for this season to kick off including myself, I just started going to this theater last summer, and fell in love with it. I've been their multiple times since. They are also very proud of their legacy,

The 61 Drive In Theatre is proud to be one of the last and longest running drive in theatre's in the country! We pride ourselves on being a family friendly environment in every way! Low prices at the ticket booth and concession stand, a free train ride for the kiddos, volleyball net, basketball court, whiffle ball, swing set and sandbox for all ages to enjoy prior to the movie!

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Admissions are as follows:

  • Adults (age 20 & over): $9.00
  • Students (ages 13-19): $7.00
  • Children (ages 4-12): $5.00
  • Children (age 3 & under): FREE

For more information about food, and what's showing click here. You can also find them on Facebook.

The first movie I saw there was "Field Of Dreams" and I cant wait to go back this year! I'm looking forward to more "Family Fun Under The Stars."


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