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Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee

It has been 72 hours since the Derecho hit the Quad Cities and almost 30,000 Quad Citizens have no power.

As we all know, the Derecho slammed into eastern Iowa, the Quad Cities and western and central Illinois on Monday. This Derecho had wind gusts that reached over 100 mph. This storm was as powerful as a category 2 hurricane. It traveled over 770 miles in just 14 hours.

Hundreds of thousands of people lost power, including B100 and our sister stations. People from Des Moines all the way to Chicago lost power immediately. Unfortunately, we have hit the 72 hour mark and still almost 30,000 people in the Quad Cities alone are without power.

Accoridng to MidAmericans power outage map, on the Illinois of the Quad Cities 10,383 customers are without power. On the Iowa side, 19,818 MidAmerican customers are without power. Below are each of the Quad Cities broken down:

  • Davenport -  14,213
  • Moline - 2,605
  • Rock Island - 2,373
  • Bettendorf - 3,679
  • East Moline -  1,046

A total of 70,237 MidAmerican customers as of 1:30 p.m. are without power. 31,765 customers are without power in Des Moines and 8,257 customers in Iowa City are still without power.

According to Alliant Energy's outage map, 147,570 customers are without power. Roughly 10,800 Alliant Energy customers in the Quad Cities are still without power.

According to ComEd, roughly 5,900 customers are without power in the rural parts of the Illinois side of the Quad Cities.

We want to thank crews, city officials, volunteers and everyone assisting with getting power restored to people across Iowa and Illinois.

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