It's hard to believe its been 8 years. Hasn't seemed like its been that long. I still remember where I was when I got the news. I was among the first to break it to the Quad Cities.

I'm talking about the day MY music died. 8 years ago Sunday the world lost The King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

I grew up a child of the 80's. I remember getting "Thriller" for Christmas and it was my favorite gift. I also remember I couldn't listen to the title track before bed because Vincent Price was so scary it gave me nightmares.

I never got a white glove, or a jacket with zippers...but I had parachute pants and penny loafers with penny's in them. We also tried to learn how to break dance and Moonwalk in my cousins basement. Yep, a white kid from Iowa with no rhythm, but we made it look cool.

Long live the King of Pop. Check out this story about a MJ impersonator that is dead on here.


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