I feel lucky I grew-up in a world where Tom Brokaw was who I got my news from. Every night I would find out what was going on in the world from the most trusted news person in the world. Did you know Tom was a student at the University of Iowa? He went for one year in 1958.

According to KCRG, the former NBC Nightly News anchor has donated a large collection of personal papers and mementos to the university and they are now on display.

The collection includes almost 100 boxes of photos, press badges, and notes from Brokaw's reports and his personal life.

There are photos of Tom with the Dalai Lama, and outside the White House as Nixon is under fire for example. It's like he had a front row seat to some of the biggest events and people in history.

I may have to go check this out. I'm fascinated by history. Now I can see it in person and not in a textbook.

Another exhibit will open in September at the UI Library. It will focus on the 20th anniversary of Brokaw's book "The Greatest Generation," which profiles those who fought in World War II.

The photo above is Nixon's resignation letter that is located in the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame and not in the Brokaw collection. Just a example of a piece of history that fascinates me.

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