This is too close for comfort.

After the amazing weather we experienced on Monday, it felt like Spring had finally sprung in the Quad Cities.

Why does Mother Nature always have to fool us?

WQAD reports that we're in for a cold blast this week, starting Wednesday. Temps will struggle to reach 50 degrees mid-week, and a huge snow system will get scary close to the QCA.

The National Weather Service says a storm with the potential to bring over a foot of snow will hit Minnesota, the Northern Rockies, Wisconsin, South Dakota and potentially northern Iowa Tuesday into Wednesday. You can see just how close the storm will come to the QC in the graphic below:


Yep, that's a sliver of Iowa in the "snow likely" category, and a wintry mix will be nearby in the Rockford area.

We may miss the wintry weather, but we'll still experience rain and potentially strong thunderstorms Wednesday and Thursday, along with cold temps through the weekend. Plus, the nearby snow means the Mississippi can expect even more flooding.

Seriously, where are you, Spring?

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