Coffee lovers in the QC have another place to enjoy.

There is nothing I love more than a great cup of coffee.  Well, there are my kiddos, dancing and natural health things, too, and I consider coffee to be right up there with all of my loves. The fresh aroma, the flavors, the presentation. It all makes me smile on a daily basis. I literally go to bed smiling at night because I can't wait to get up and have my morning coffee.

I've never met a coffee experience I haven't loved and I can't wait to head inside Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie, downtown Davenport, to introduce my tastebuds to the new 392 Caffe. Because, really, what goes together better than coffee and cupcakes? (Bueller...anyone? Exactly.)

392 Caffe looks like they fit right in downtown D, and it's yet another place to grab some of your favorite goodies while you're there.  I'm simply happy just knowing there's another great place in the Quad Cities to share my love and gratitude for coffee.


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