This sounds like a cool event. Something different for the kids.

The City of Rock Island is hosting a Under Water Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, March 18th from 1 to 3:30pm at the RIFAC.

It's open to kids 14 and under. There's a $5 fee to get in on the hunt. They will also have prizes, games, a photo booth and a visit from a "special guest."

Bring appropriate swim clothes, a towel, something to hold your eggs in the water, and goggles if you need them.

The egg hunting times are:

1:15 - 4 & Under (Adult Participation Required)
1:45 - 5-7 year olds
2:15 - 8-10 year olds
2:45 - Deep-End Dive

Get more details and pre-register here.

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