Local fright conductor Ian Miller is working with the multi platinum band Slipknot on one of the scariest haunted experiences ever.

The 37-year-old’s been djing in Des Moines since the 90's.

This Iowa haunted attractions isn't for kids. You have to be 18 plus and must have a tough stomach. Also, don't be scared to have your stomach ripped out.

The Slaughterhouse, a Des Moines haunted house, opens Friday at the Barnum Factory. Miller, creative director, and Dave Hukill, Slaughterhouse co-owner, teamed with the heavy metal band after they expressed interest. The haunted house was already a thing but was so similar to the lyrics and ideology of Slipknot. Now, the haunted house is like a slipknot music video as they are now part of the main production of the haunted house.

The haunt runs every Thursday-Sunday in October, plus Halloween night. General admission tickets cost $20; an estimated 12,000 could attend this year’s Slaughterhouse, up from 8,000 in 2017.

You can purchase tickets here.

The Des Moines Register reports The Slaughterhouse hired about 40 actors to bring the band’s catalog masked characters to life. Band members alter costumes and on-stage personas slightly for each new album, which gave Miller five cycles of masks and jumpsuits to replicate.

He spent about a month working Slipknot mythology into the 20-minute haunt.

“A lot of our scenes, they already cater to the lyrics and the presence and the energy Slipknot embodies,” Miller said.

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