Adventureland Park in Des Moines has banned the use of selfie sticks on park grounds. Patrons were complaining about guests using them during shows, in crowded areas, and even trying to use them WHILE ON RIDES.

Modern technology has basically made it OK for people to use zero common sense. Selfie sticks are totally acceptable in specific situations. Holding it while you're on a roller coaster is not one of those situations.

Adventureland’s ban started earlier this month soon after Disney parks announced their ban. Last week, Six Flags theme parks also banned the long metal poles used to take smartphone pictures at more than arm’s length.

But Iowa State Fair spokeswoman Mindy Williamson said the selfie sticks are still OK to use on the fairgrounds.

“We still see people using them as a fun family-type thing here on the fairgrounds, so we still allow them ... They’re just kind of emerging here, so we’ll have to take that into account and see if we have issues if they become more popular,” Williamson said.

The 11-day Iowa State Fair begins on Aug. 13. More than 1 million people attended last year. []

By the way, if you're planning a road trip and wondering "Can I bring my selfie stick?", simply type in!

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