If you are hooked on 'WandaVision' like the rest of us then you are probably looking at every scene with a magnifying glass. I thought it would be fun to take a step back and look at the obvious for a second. Lets dive into the shows of yesteryear that WandaVision shouts out.


Episode 1 Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience - 7.5 rating on IMDB

A few shows get referenced or a nod in the first episode. The main idea behind it is "50s" the shows included, but not limited to are 'I Love Lucy', 'The Honeymooner', and The most obvious 'Dick Van Dyke Show' since Dick Van Dyke himself even consulted on the first two episodes.

Episode 2 Don't Touch That Dial - 7.9 rating on IMDB

While episode 1 had a few references to 'Bewitched' and I 'Dream of Jeannie'. Episode 2 is where it is clear that these are the shows it is modeling. The opening credits are a clear love letter to 'Bewitched'.

Episode 3 Now in Color - 8.3 rating on IMDB

Welcome to the 70s! References to the  'Brady Bunch', 'The Partridge Family', 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', and The 'Courtship of Eddie’s Father' can all be seen. The biggest nod again coming form the opening credits which combined the openings of The 'Brady Bunch', 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', and 'The Courtship of Eddie’s Father'. There are other 70s tropes mentioned as well. I also think 'That 70s show' got a bit of a shout out.

Episode 4 We Interrupt This Program - 9.0 rating on IMDB

We all needed a break from the crazy and episode 4 gave that to us.

Episode 5 On a Very Special Episode… - 9.3 rating on IMDB

We jump into the 80s. with shows like 'Growing Pains', 'Step by Step', 'Family Ties', and 'Full House'. Getting the biggest nods. The retro theme was an absolute blast, the  opening titles appeared to be most inspired by 'Family Ties'.

Episode 6 All-New Halloween Spooktacular! - 9.3 rating on IMDB

The 90's and early 2000s grungy, sarcasm, and special events are clear in this episode. With shows like 'Malcom In The Middle' and 'Roseanne' getting referenced. The opening title appearing the get it's inspiration from 'Malcom In The Middle.'

I can't wait to see what the next Episode throws our way!

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