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With everything going on with the coronavirus pandemic, graduating seniors have had graduation parties, ceremonies, and celebrations taken away from them and their families. That's why B100 wants to celebrate the Class of 2020, while practicing social distancing and to do so, we need your help!

So B100 can celebrate the class of 2020, we need you to let us know who they are and where we can drive by to give them a honk. If you're a graduate, or have someone in your family who is graduating, share their information with us below. Let us know your name, the name of the graduate, the address of the graduate, and what time you want us to drive by.

Not only will we drive by the graduates home and give them a honk, but we will also hook them up with a FREE t-shirt and take a picture in front of the B100 truck! We'll put all of those pictures below so people can also see and also celebrate the class of 2020.

Help us celebrate Quad City high school and college seniors graduating in the class of 2020. Fill out all of the information below so we can help celebrate them!

Congratulations graduates! B100 is proud of you!

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