Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast twirls into theaters a little more than two months form now (!!!), and they’re already rolling out the TV spots. We’ve seen Belle meet the Beast and try to talk to a hairbrush, and now the Beast is getting a little bit of dating advice from his animate inanimate pals.

That terrifying “smile” doesn’t exactly work out, but if you can’t have a charming personality, charm the object of your affections another way — say, by saving her from a pack of hungry wolves. It seems to work out, as he and Belle do look pretty chummy afterwards. I guess that spell’s on its way to getting broken after all. What a relief.

What’s cool about this scene, for those of us who normally have a very forgiving nature but despite ourselves will be judging this remake against our fierce love for the original, is that a lot of the dialogue is lifted right from the cartoon. While Disney will probably take a few liberties in order to lengthen the movie a bit, it’ll still hit all those familiar beats. That could seem dull to some: why go to a movie you’ve pretty much already seen? But on the other hand, how cool would it be to see a live-action version of a movie you love (and without having to go all the way to Broadway to do it) with real versions of all the costumes and settings and songs (and there WILL be songs!) that you grew up with?

With the release date quickly approaching, we’ll probably see a few more bits and pieces like this before it premieres, and there are still a few more characters to introduce. Where are those Gaston-centric TV spots at, Disney? We’re waiting!

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters March 17, 2017. Check out the official logo design below:


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