We've been wanting to give back to our listeners, and we finally got corporate to approve a huge cash give away. They signed off on THOUSANDS to give away!

Starting Sept. 13, We are giving you 3 chances a day to win $5000 every weekday til September 28th! The minimum you will win is $500 and of course the max, $5K!

Listen to us starting Sept. 13 for our daily code words. When you hear a code word at 12:15PM CT, 3:15PM CT or 5:15PM CT enter it here on our website, and then just listen for your phone to ring. If you get a call from us, you'll win $500 to $5,000!

In addition to the daily prizes, we'll pull one grand prize winner after Sept. 28 who will score $5,000.

The more code words you enter throughout the contest, the better chance you will have to win the  grand prize. This is a way for us to track who listens to B100 the most! Enter all the code words, loves! Win some of this B100 LISTENER APPRECIATION CASH!

The winning starts Sept. 13.

Keep listening for more details, or stay up to date by checking here.

You already feeling lucky? Enter to win one of these other great prizes.

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