Local News 4 reports that a North Davenport apartment complex has been overtaken by bed bugs.

A resident named Shari Arnold from the Summer Ridge Apartments on W. 65th St. recently came forward to the news station. She claims she's been living with an infestation of the bugs for months and says the apartment's management has done nothing to resolve the issue.

Arnold is a single mom and says her children have received many bites from the bugs, plus her apartment has been completely infiltrated.

Meanwhile, Summer Ridge's manager says the apartment was pretreated before Arnold moved in and insists she was the one who brought the bugs in. Despite management's claims, other apartment residents back up Arnold's story and say they also have dealt with the bugs.

In Illinois, landlords are required to make sure an apartment is habitable. However, the law in Iowa is less helpful to tenants. You may end your lease agreement if a landlord fails to remedy a situation that is hazardous to your health, but that means residents will end up having to move within seven days. Many landlords also expect tenants to cover the expense of pest control.

Residents dealing with infestations are encouraged to contact Illinois or Iowa Legal Aid.

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