Before we jump into some new theories for America's current most popular show I just want to say I am in love with all the Jimmy Woo memes. It seems as though the FBI agent played by Randall Park has gained the hearts of many. People are now going out of their way to watch one of the 151 movies and or TV shows he's in.

Park once had a cameo in "The Office" as Asian Jim witch will be important later!

This first theory is a new one, but basically adds a new potential villain to the possible "main bad guy list." So move over DOOM, Mephisto, and Agatha. Now it's Ultron's time in the sun. This theory does have some ground seeing as though we first saw Wanda and her brother in the movie "Age of Ultron."

The next big theory is that The Fantastic 4's Reed Richards may be making an appearance, after all he is a polymath with mastery of all the sciences including; electrical, mechanical, aerospace engineering, electronics, chemistry, physics, biology and beyond. Which would be a huge help.

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People also think that John Krasinski could be playing Reed which would be funny to see since he plays Jim in "The Office. "

This leads to one more theory... What if the newest episode of WanndaVison does and "Office" opening seeing as though the episode should take place in the mid 2000s if it follows it's decade jumps with each episode!

What do you think will happen?

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