Many of us who really only go to the gym on occasion, or just tell ourselves we'll go so we can look good for the summer probably have a love hate with these gyms closing. On one hand now we can't get that summer bod. On the other hand now we have an excuse not to have a summer bod!

But for many people who love the gym, there are no excuses! Many trainers, and people who just love to work are taking to social media to live stream their new work out routines.


Some people are showing themselves working out in near by forests or using trees to do pull ups, while others are making mini in home gyms in their houses.

Other people are also trying to get a following on social media by offering unique and very different work out Technics. Even companies and brands are trying to join this trend. Not sure if I could do these tricks though.

Many celebrities are also showing off their new work out styles. Including body building legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is spending a lot of time outside, also posting goofy pictures with his animals.

How are you handling being stuck in doors? Are you working out, or are you like many of us and using this as a break? For me it's defiantly the ladder.

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