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Fogged up cars parked at a drive-in movie theatre with blank screen

Last weekend, the Blue Grass Drive-In movie theater was able to open after Gov. Reynolds signed a new proclamation allowing drive-in movie theaters to open in Iowa. This weekend, another Quad Cities area drive-in theater will also be opening up for the season. The 61 Drive In Theatre in Delmar, IA, will be opening their doors also.

The 61 Drive In Theatre announced on Facebook that they will open for their 70th Anniversary Season this weekend. They will be open May 15th and 16th, with the box office opening at 7 p.m. and the first showing starts around 8:30 p.m.

In accordance with the new proclamation signed up Gov. Reynolds, the 61 Drive In says that the following are required social distance measures that all customers must abide by:

  • Vehicles must park 6 feet distance apart
  • Movie-goers must stay in their vehicles or sit directly in front of their vehicles during showtime
  • One customer will be allowed in the concession stand at a time. We will provide spacing markers to keep the line to concession stand distanced.
  • All pre-movie activities will be closed, which include the swing set, sandbox, tether balls, basketball, baseball, train & volleyball
  • No visiting away from your own vehicle with other patrons or friends
  • We encourage you to wear a mask whenever the mask will be a health benefit to you or our staff member

The Blue Grass Drive-In opened last weekend after Gov. Reynolds signed a new proclamation that effectively opened up drive-in movie theaters.

"With such an amazing response last weekend we are doing it again! We're mixing it up and adding some date movies on one of the screens."

The Blue Grass Drive-In said that this coming weekend, May 15th through May 17th, they will be showing Trolls World Tour followed by Sonic the Hedgehog on Two Screens, and The Hunt followed by The Invisible Man on One Screen.


Gate and ticket booth open at 6 p.m. all 3 nights, and the movies start at dusk or 8:40 p.m.

The Blue Grass Drive-In says they will also continue to follow social distancing recommendations from the state. They tell customers to expect changes, and to look for signs, follow instructions posted, and stay 6 feet apart.

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