B100 wants you to fill out a bracket based on all your college basketball knowledge.  Or just pick the teams that have cool mascots and colors.  However you want to get it done, just do it and you can win cash!

The winning bracket in the Quad Cities will win $500 thanks to Terrace Canibas - Where The Grass Is Greener.

Now if you really get lucky maybe you'll fill out a perfect bracket to score $1,000,000. And we will pay out big for even a "pretty good" bracket.  Predict 60 or more games correctly and you win $10,000!

How Do I Enter the 2024 Million Dollar Bracket Challenge?

  • Sign up for the Million Dollar Bracket Challenge below.
  • This year's tournament teams will be selected on Sunday, March 17. We’ll send out an email reminder after that, so you don't forget to fill out your brackets.
  • Bookmark this page – when the tournament starts up on March 18, you can keep checking back to see how you're doing against other listeners and Connor and Sarah.
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What Else Do I Need to Know About the 2024 Million Dollar Bracket Challenge?

  • Please read the full official contest rules to confirm your eligibility; rules can be viewed on your bracket entry page.
  • The bracket will be updated with teams following selection announcements on March 17.
  • The (4) play-in games are byes -- no prediction required. Predictions are required only for the (63) games beginning Thursday, March 21.
  • Play-in game teams will initially be displayed together as one selection, until the winner is determined, at which time, the losing team will be removed.
  • Questions? Contact us with issues registering or filling out your bracket.

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