The NFL is asking Bruno Mars to return to the Super Bowl stage, just two years after his record-setting performance.

This time around, a source confirmed, Mars was asked to "curate" the halftime show, meaning we could probably expect some impressive guests to join him, if he agrees. Mars' previous halftime performance drew a then-record 115 million viewers (Katy Perry broke the record with 121 million during last year's Super Bowl). [BILLBOARD]

I love Bruno, but I think two years is way too early to bring him back. His performance was amazing but this comes off as extremely desperate by the NFL. But the idea of curating the performance and adding multiple surprise performers could make it worthwhile.

The Super Bowl is still five months away...the league has plenty of time to find a worthy act to fill 15 minutes. Plus, it's THE SUPER BOWL. People are going to watch regardless of who's performing at halftime!

Who would you want to see at the Super Bowl halftime show? Comment below!

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