I didn't know cameras were allowed in bathrooms?

Good news if you've ever gone to the bathroom at an Iowa City library. The cameras are being removed.

You don't know what you didn't know until you know, ya know? So, I didn't know they even had cameras. Did you?

I guess I can try and understand the 'camera on the side of caution' perspective in case of vandalism and theft. However, when I think of the privacy issue here, let's just say I don't feel the most comfortable with the idea that what I do in the bathroom can be seen by others. Not because of I (or anyone else for that matter, has anything to hide), but because it's just a violation of privacy.

For instance, I can think of numerous times I've had to nurse my babies when they were younger, in the bathroom, because of a great lack of breastfeeding friendly, supportive places. I know that I wouldn't want that awkward experience to be videoed for someone to see.

According to WQAD.com,

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