With a little over a month left until the big day, Halloween candy is on display at nearly every store you visit. If you're like me, you'll probably buy a bag or two that won't make it until the trick or treaters arrive Halloween night (whoops!). Taste in candy varies, but chocolate is usually a favorite among most people I know, so it's no surprise that Twix wins out as the most popular Halloween candy in Iowa, according to Influenster.

Influenster surveyed 40,000 of their readers to come up with the totals for each state, and some of their results may surprise you. For instance, although Twix garnered the most votes in Iowa, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups got the most votes nationwide. Now that I can get behind. Candy corn was also a top pick, and voted most popular in Oregon, Wyoming, Tennessee, Texas, and South Carolina. Um yeah, can't support that one. Yuck!

There were some other interesting choices that made the list, including Arizona choosing Toblerone as their top pick- yes, the popular airport gift shop treat, and Louisiana  favoring Swedish Fish.

As for Illinois, another tasty chocolate concoction won out- Snickers, always a favorite. No matter what candy you choose to indulge in this Halloween, eat it in moderation to avoid those pesky post Halloween stomach aches and sugar crashes. Have a safe