It never fails. Every year there's at least one car that crashes into a building in the Quad Cities.

I don't think I started really realizing how many crashes into buildings we have here in the Quad Cities. Since my return in 2012, I've kept track, as much as I can, of news stories and pictures I see floating around on the book of Face.

I'm not sure if it's the full moon effect or the fact that the Mississippi River runs east to west around these parts, or perhaps it's luck-extended from the truck-eating bridge. Whatever it is, I seem to manage to catch the stories where vehicle and buildings collide. This seems to happen all over the Quad Cities.

Early this morning, a vehicle crashed into a Davenport home located near St. Ambrose University, as reported by

"According to police, when they arrived on scene the driver of the vehicle was attempting to remove the vehicle from the yard, but it was stuck. Officers gave the driver, Anthony Simons, 47, field sobriety tests, which he passed. Simons was issued a citation for failure to maintain control.

The homeowner said they called 911 to report the incident after they felt their entire house shake."

Thankfully, no one was injured.