[Watch] You Wish You Could Dance Like This Iowa Man
Tik Tok user @elleroo22 drives the same route almost every day in the city of Des Moines. She sees the same man hanging out in the very same spot right along the highway every single day. This man, who goes by Milleo, spends some time dancing in crowded Des Moines traffic (don't try this at hom…
Swing Breaks Over 6,500 ft Canyon [vid]
My mom used to say, "well if Tim jumped off the Empire State Building would you?" and the answer of course is...not unless there were 100s of people before Tim that did it successfully with out any harm coming to them.
It's a numbers thing.  The odd...
Over 30 Tornado Warnings Issued in Iowa on Wednesday (VIDEOS)
Over 30 Tornado Warnings were issued between 3:55 PM – 10:34 PM on July 14 by the National Weather Service with at least 12 confirmed Tornadoes just by the NWS office in Des Moines. (The NWS in Des Moines oversees 51 counties in Iowa, including Black Hawk, Bremer, and Fayette)
Utah was the only other…

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