While I think Earth Day is everyday, the festivities kick off  this weekend.

Earth Day is a great way to take a good look at how we are honoring what's around us. The ground that gives us soil, that we grow our food in, the water we need and air we breathe. All of it works together for our most basic needs.

1. Bike to your destination.

This is always an easy one to remember. Try reducing the fuel you use and use your body to get where you need to go.

2. Shop from local farmers.

It's farmer's market season and what better way to celebrate Earth Day then to remember how far your food has to travel. On average, it's about 1500 miles per plate. You are supporting your community and local farmers by buying your food here.

3. Plant a tree.

No doubt, we need more trees. Trees are so highly used that we cannot possibly replenish them at the rate at which they are being taken down. Plant a tree for the wildlife around you, for shade around your house, which is totally eco-friendly and for the oxygen we breathe.  If you'd like to help a local organization with planting trees and food in the Quad Cities, contact the Quad City Food Forest.

For more activities at the Bettendorf Family Museum for you and your family tomorrow, Watch the video here:

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