Near, far, wherever you are, you're probably going to want to get your tickets to this. Celine Dion is going on a world tour!

It's definitely a bit of a surprise, but a pleasant one. Currently, she's finishing out her residency in Las Vegas. That'll take her through June 8, 2019, so if you're planning a girls trip to see her, know your dates!

For those of us who can't quite afford to fly to Vegas right now, this tour works out nicely. Dion will take a short break after Vegas – a much deserved one – then kick things off in Ohio. Unfortunately, the closest she'll get to Iowa are her shows in St. Louis and Chicago. But the good news is, both are an easy drive for a weekend!

Dion will be at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis on October 26, and in Chicago at the United Center on December 1. You can get tickets here!

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