I drink a lot! Wait, that's supposed to say "I drink a lot of WATER!"

The average person is supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, or 64oz. Which ever happens first. I drink just a little more ant take my Ultra 90.  Better go fill your water bottle.

The bottle! You take that bottle everywhere. The gym, the office, the grocery store, the kids pick it up and take a sip off it.

According to HGTV, that water bottle could be pretty filthy. Think about it. Water has chemicals in it. Bacteria grows on those bottles. And if you don't wash that bottle regularly, the results could be bad. It is cold and flu season.

When was the last time you cleaned that bottle? I know it's just water, but read above.

HGTV has five household items you can use to clean the filth off your water bottle that are safe. Obviously putting it in the dishwasher works but here are a few others to get a deep clean. Here are three:

1.  Mouthwash.  Makes total sense. The antiseptic kind that disinfects works best.  Mix about 2 ounces with some water.  Then swish it around, let it sit for a few minutes, and rinse it out.

2.  Baking soda.  Again, makes sense since you pry brush your teeth with it. It's good for cleaning tough-to-get spots, like in the cap.  Just mix a little with water, and use a toothbrush to scrub it.   If you want to add a little more cleaning power, mix the baking soda with a little bit of white vinegar.

3.  Denture cleaning tablets.  This could be fun. Just drop one in, add water, and let it soak.  They also sell little tablets that are specifically made to clean water bottles.  But you can buy denture tablets at any grocery store or pharmacy.  And they're a little cheaper too.


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