I know Andi is excited for this one. This is going to be a busy weekend for the QC! Labor Day weekend. We have Marvel Universe Live, Beaux Art Fair, and now the return of the Quad Cities Comic Con. From the looks of their facebook event page, people are pretty hyped for it! Apparently, they are going all out for this one too. Check it out at the QCCA Expo Center.

As stated on their facebook...
The Quad Cities Comic Con is back and even bigger! With more vendors, more artists, more guests, more everything (but still the same low price)! We can't wait to see you all there, and don't forget, everyone gets a free comic at the door, and admission for kids 12 and under is always FREE!

Get tickets here.

Costume Contest Info:

Kids Masquerade Parade is at 12:30 PM. Lineup begins at 12:20, sign up is until 12:15. This is a non-competitive event where kids up to 11 can walk in the masquerade and show off their great cosplays!
Teen Costume Contest is at 2:00 pm, lineup begins at 1:45 PM, sign up is until 1:40. This is ages 12 to 17.
Adult Costume Contest is at 3:00 pm, lineup begins at 2:45pm, sign up is until 2:40. This is ages 18 and up.
**Sign-up is at the Circuits and Sewing Needles Booth!**

1. Costumes must be family appropriate meaning nothing explicitly sexual is allowed. Just use your discretion.
2. Costumes do not have to be made by you but judges do ask information regarding costume creation.
3. Please be respectful of the cosplayers, bullying is not tolerated.
4. Please be on time to the events. We do not accept late sign up or late arrival.

Rules regarding cosplay props and weapons, it's a short list but please read. If you still have questions regarding weapons please feel free to comment below. Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!
1. Please do not bring live weapons onto the convention grounds.
2. Realistic prop weapons are welcome at the convention however it is possible that con staff may request to inspect them. Please comply.
3. Large weapons and props are welcome but we politely request that you are mindful as you carry it around the convention center to avoid any injury to other patrons.