If your news year's resolution was to eat healthier, well, this probably isn't for you.

This week, we learned that Costco has a new product available for those who like to buy in bulk. Yes, it's 100% true that they are selling a tub of mac and cheese that weighs 27 pounds.

There's a lot of questions to be asked here. How? Why? Can you only buy one at a time? But my main question was this: what else weighs 27 pounds? Obviously, the first answer that came to mind was a small child. But there had to be more. I needed to know how to compare the amount of noodles I'll be eating.

Thankfully, it's 2019 and the internet is full of odd sites that will have just the answer. And that brings us to WeightAndThings.com. Here, you can type in the weight of anything (or anyone) to see what else weighs the same.

The findings? This tub of mac and cheese weighs the same as 22 basketballs. Now, have fun converting random things in your life!

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